Tuesday, April 9, 2019

INTERVIEW: A Jamaican in WW II's Royal Air Force (RAF)

George S. Campbell, Royal Air Force (RAF)

©2019 by Michael Auld

He drove bombs to be loaded on B-2 bombers during WW II, Germany was bombing England, and I called him Uncle George. Growing up, he was my favorite uncle, especially since he told us kids war stories. Considered a rebel in his family, as teenagers my two brothers and I loved to visit him on one of the American owned United Fruit Company's sugarcane and banana plantations, where he was an overseer. One of five surviving children (a sixth had died in infancy), he was my mother's younger brother. His older brother, Harold, also volunteered for the RAF. This is his story:

The George Campbell Family

Above: The Campbell family. (L-R top row) Walter (Wally) Samuel Campbell (Father. A dispenser/Pharmacist for the Spanishtown Hospital); Phylis Mae (My mom) # 4; George Samuel #5.
(L-R Bottom row) Verena Campbell nee Squire (Mother); Vida Maud (Vie) # 3; Clifford #1;  Harold #2. WW II RAF Volunteer.

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