Thursday, September 3, 2020


(By Michael Auld)

Was not a Moorish Muslim. He was a Converso, a Jewish man from Italy's Colombo wool trading family, hiding out as a fake converted Christian during the murderous Spanish Inquisition. Now, this son of Italy is...

Maybe Cristoforo Colombo (above) was psychologically hard on the Terrestrial Paradise's Indios  (a.k.a. the Land of the "Caribbean's" nubile Taíno and Kalinago (a.k.a. Island Carib), or the "New World") because he too was persecuted by his Royal arse hinie, the Spanish Boss of Bosses, Ferdenando II of Arrogant, or was it Aragon? Whose fanatical hate for William Shakespeare's nemesis, Shylock the Jew, people to whom the Spanish Crown owed money. Added to this complex story of greed, murder, is Hemispheric Genocide.

"European colonizers killed so many indigenous Americans that the planet cooled down, a group of researchers concluded,"--

Well, this soon to be Italian slaver turned pandemic carrier, later saw the naked, nubile Taíno indias laying out, sans bikinis or swimsuits, on their pristine white sanded Beaches Resort (or was it Sandals?) in Jamaica. And thought that he had died and gone to the Terrestrial Paradise, that Spanish clerics also called El Nuevo Mundo. A NEW world, baby!

"Terrestrial Paradise" by Hieronymus Bosch in 1500. The painting is an
idealized European visual interpretation of the Caribbean in which Christopher Columbus had arrived in 1492. This is a white European's wet dream
of the Garden of Eden on Earth, that Columbus had "found'" and described. See any brown skinned 
Taíno Amerindians who thickly populated the Caribbean's Terrestrial Paradise Islands?

America's No. 1 Terrorist 

Landing on the Caribbean's Taíno Bahamian island of Guanahani in 1492, taking a  knee (was he an American basketball playa, or somethin'?). With Toledo steel sword in hand, backed up by his pandemic-infected possy, ready to rape, (as his friend Cuneo did in 1493 off the coast of Ay Ay, a.k.a. St. Croix), kill, maim, and enslave the Indigenous People of the Caribbean, and dabble in Amerindian prostitution.

The painting is of "The Arrival" of Cristoforo Colombo, a.k.a. Cristobal Colon by his Spanish backers, a.k.a. Christopher Columbus by the Englishand co-opted by the Catholic Church as St. Christopher. And the "Discoverer of the New World" by those self-entitled Europeans, who dismissed Amerindian intelligence (Well, the invaders were ignorant of where they were), in a vast hemisphere that was millennia older that Europe's. (I don't see any ancient pyramids, rubber ball game stone stadiums, ancient planetariums, etc, in Johnny-come-lately-to-World Civilizations Europe!)

This first terrorist is Persona-Non-Grata in the Caribbean Island of Yamayeka (a.k.a. "Jamaica"), where he used the local Taíno humans for target practice and dog meat. [Probably the Taino women wouldn't give a pale ginger-hair, self-identifying "god" the time of day. So, like the Jamaican island's first un-welcomed tourist, he lashed out.]

Columbus with his Spanish Possy landing in Yamayeka (Jamaica) for 
his Monday morning business of carnage, walking and feeding his war dogs 
on what he believed to be dangerous beach bums, on a beautiful Spring day, May 5th, 1494.

Aww, snapt, brown meat! Here the artist depicts  one dog biting off a face, an arm, a neck bone, and a beach bum's bum!
Some hungry pent-up shipboard bitches, huh?

Colombo was also a suspect in the surrounding islands of Cubanakan, Ayiti Bohio & Kiskeya, Boriken, the Lucayas, nearby Mexihco to the western Gulf, and Turtle Island peninsular to the north. 

The Charges

Narrated Charges: "At daybreak on the morning of Monday, May 5th, 1494, Colombo "the Butcher" and his ragtag Spanish henchmen/possy, crashed a beach party of Yamaye Taínos." 

Pre-iPhone simulated Pix of a soldier with a crossbow of Columbus and his men with a weapon used in the first terrorist act in Jamaica, in the Caribbean

Whereby, let it be known: His accomplices shot and killed with deadly crossbow fire, many fleeing indigenous "Indios" locals. To add insult to injury, the unwashed gang of bearded cutthroats using Toledo steel blades, willy-nilly slashed indiscriminately, cutting off limbs left to right. 

Eyewitness Statements: To further intimidate the victims, the Latin gang landed from their longboat limos, set their war dogs on picnicking, disoriented, screaming children shouting "Atte! Atte!" ("Mother! Mother!"); eyeing single, naked young girls and boys (as premarital nudity was their fashion); and bare-breasted, nagua (private parts dyed cotton pelvic covering); widowed women, were all hogtied and set aside for after work-hours rape at the pub. The filthy Spanish gleefully called these groups "!Diserto!" ("Dessert")

  1. Local mature men, even the old, smoking their cigaros to commune with Yucahu (Supreme Being of the Sea), and snuffing  tabacu bifurcated pipes to converse with the ancestors, were not spared by the rank bearded, hairy-like-a-monkey sailors, intent on jacking up the locals. 
  2. Taíno warriors, known for their deadly archery, who had just returned in their 60-70 war canoas after trying to wave off Colombo's Niña, San Juan and Cardera yachts, were run through by the gleeful Crtstiano marauders who had a sporting contest to see which Crtstiano's finely honed Toledo steel swordsman could split-in-half-with-one-blow, any of the wounded or lamed stragglers. 
  3. Escaped, wounded surviving witnesses reportedly observed the red haired Italian purp, shouting in gibberish, with the aid of a feverish sign language.

"Modda-fukas! Where da gold?"

As he snatched the 14k guanin nose-rings, splitting septum by septum along the kneeling line of the weary canoa rowers. To which some astute victims, turned and pointed with their lips in the direction of Cubanakan, some 90 miles away. To which the Admiral shouted,

"!Hijo de Puta! !Eso es la misma los coñyos en Cuba digen de su isla! !Les tomemos thres dias para pasando entre Cuba y Hiamaka :( :( :(!!!

Translation: "Son of a whore! It is the same thing those pussies in Cuba said about your island! It took us three days (just to go the 90 miles) between Cuba and Jamaica!" 
"Dumb fucks. I need to pay back the asshole Royals!" 

(Since Columbus was a Converso the above line, originally in an unidentified language, was redacted from the records by the Royal Sensor for the Inquisition.) 

Many folks only think of foreign-born terrorists. They are right. Only if you also include Pilgrims and other arriving European "settlers" after their entry into the Terrestrial Paradise, not too far from La California (a mythical land of... Guess what? Half naked Black Amazons whose weapons were made from... Wait for it... sacred GOLD
According to Las Sergas de Esplandián. [The Adventures of Esplandián] a novel written by Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo in the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century.-- Wikipedia 

Cover of the popular novel, written after intelligence was gathered by Father Ramón Pané, a cleric who was sent by Colombo/Colon to live with the island's Taino, on the Caribbean Island of Kiskeya/Ayti Bohio, renamed "Hispaniola" by Colombo. Pané's informants told him about the cautionary epic about the First Shaman, Guahyona ("Our Pride") who took the women away to Matinino (The Island of Women"). Pride left them there and went on to Guanin (the Island of 14k Gold"). The 16th century had no such story before of a Golden Island populated by Amazons. Then came the California Gold Rush and the "Golden State" as Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano, 1st Marquess of the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico, had envisioned La California's tall mountain range, as described in the above popular novel's story, from his location in Baja California.

Mural of the "Black" Muslim Queen Califia and her Amazons, whose only metal was gold.

However, some other European progeny are homegrown terrorists (described as "Good People") in America. The home-grown terrorist problem is less than 530 years old. Some killers of innocents don't only drop out of the sky on the Pentagon, a field in Pennsylvania or the Twin Towers of the Big Apple, speaking Saudi Arabic. The recent perpetrators are males who grew up on apple pie!

The second act of terrorism in the Americas was, as seen above, on Monday, May 5th, 1494 on the pristine azure water, white sand beach in the North Coast's St. Anns Bay, in Senator Kamala Harris's Jamaica. The first hallowed terrorist was the Italian Mafioso leader Cristoforo Colombo, who had many places (my DC city) named for him.The Spanish possy with whom he hung out knew the Boss of Possys as "esta Judío" ("that Jew") Cristobal Colon. You know him by the Latin alias, Saint Cristopher Columbus. We in the Taíno support community think of him as "the Butcher," Adolph's friend  (the other holocaust perpetrator from Germany?), co-purveyor of a slavery/holocaust, foisted on the Amerindians.

Photo Gallery Of First American Terrorists

Hernan Cortez. "Terrorizes of the Aztec Triple Empire" in 1519

Jamestown, Virginia terrorists to the Algonquian Powhatan Confederacy, arrive in Tidewater, Virginia in 1607.


Disclaimer: I and my family, as are millions of people in the Americas, are among the survivors of the American Holocaust. 

This article is a parody that is based on some recorded historic occurrences in 1494, on my homeland island of Jamaica. Upon the arrival of Christopher Columbus in Jamaica, he was rebuffed by the the island's Yamaye Taíno. He retaliated with deadly fire and war dog attacks. His first terrorist attack, occurred the year before in 1493, when he returned to Hispaniola (Ayti Bohio/Kiskeya) where he had left his marooned crew on the beach. His rowdy men disrespected their Taíno hosts by demanding large quantities of more food and women. The nearby kasike Caonabo attacked and killed all 39 Spanish seamen and destroyed their fort La Navidad. Upon Columbus's return with 17 ships of invaders, he killed many Taíno.