Friday, August 17, 2018


Above: John White’s watercolors and a deBrey inspired print of the 1585 appearance of Powhatan Indians of Virginia.
©2018 Michael Auld
By 2040 America will be made Native again. Thanks to the Hispanic cousins from the south and the low European-American birth rate.

As an immigrant married to a Native American for over 50 years, from the historic Powhatan Confederacy and having been intimately involved with Native issues since then, I tend to see the current fear of the re-Browning of America from a unique vantage point.

The Hispanic population will become America’s majority in 2040. So, treat Latinos right, or we may have to ask for forgiveness. Like the movie, "El Norte”, a Latino (Amerindian) illegal alien said, “we are just moving North.”

The current American political fear is the pending loss of European power within a few coming decades. Since the founding of Jamestown by the Virginia Company of London in 1607, Europeans have been in North America for just 411 years. The country was founded on a peculiar history, steadily increasing their numbers by inviting other Europeans in to partake of stolen Indian territories and the forced importation of Africans for enslavement..This founding of the USA, as with all countries in the Americas was on ancient Amerindian foundations.

Quickly blanketing rich Amerindian cultures Europeans, beginning with the Spanish in most of the Americas, were followed by British bullies bent on getting a piece of the North American pie. The English had learned their craft of empire from the expanding Roman Empire. The Spanish had learned their colonizing techniques from the Moors of North Africa who expanded into southern Spain.

This history of first coming in as traders followed by subtle conquest in Europe has its forerunner in Ancient Egypt by Greeks, Romans, Hittites and other neighbors. Nubian Kings saved the day and returned Egypt to the Egyptian pharos.

England threw out the Romans to regain control of Londonium. The British were eventually kicked out of North America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.All empires eventually fall.


After the American Revolution the USA began a campaign towards empire-building and the eradication of Native Americans. The election of the current president who campaigned on a wall between brown Mexico, strengthened by anti-brown rhetoric, caging brown Amerindian infants, and deporting indigenous Amerindian mothers and fathers is a sign of Eurocentric fear of “Making America Native Again”. This governmental policy is especially poignant since some of the refugees only speak their own Amerindian language. Amerindian ancestors have been crisscrossing the entire hemisphere for thousands of years before the arrival of aliens from the Eastern Hemisphere. An example of this Amerindian migratory practice, was the Uto-Aztecan speakers (from New Mexico with relatives in Utah) who migrated south into Mexico to form the Triple Alliance of the Aztec (Mexica) Empire. So, some Mexicans crossing a belated 1800s border, made possible by America's forcing their expanding country/empire through the Mexican-American War, are "just returning North".

For Trump’s supporters, the re-Browning of America is coming too fast for their minds to wrap around. Therefore, the dog whistle-blower message to the base 
is "Make America Great Again".

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